Coconut-Almond Macaroons

In my family, we don’t kid around about dessert – there are usually just as many options as during the main meal!  This weekend, I had the pleasure to make macaroons for part of the dessert at our family Seder.  I am happy to report that everyone loved them – even the non-coconut fans.

Some tips

  • I use an egg white from a fresh egg
  • The salt really makes a difference
  • Accidentally used 1/3 cup almonds instead of 1/4 in last batch, and they still turned out great
  • An ice cream scoop is the perfect size to plop down on baking sheet (I used a Silpat to line them)
  • Cooking time is really from 11-15 minutes (have to watch closely for edges to be golden brown)
  • A smaller spoon makes for a better drizzle
  • Tempering the chocolate in the microwave (15-20 second intervals) is the easiest way to melt the chocolate

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