Celery Sweet 16

The NYTimes Food section continues to be a great source of inspiration for me.  Eating Well often centers an issue around one food and lately, the Times has been doing similar, featuring different articles with one food at its focus.  This last one by Mark Bittman, caught my eye, “Sixteen Reasons to Take Celery Seriously.”  Celery is definitely underused in our kitchen – pretty sure I only use it in tuna salad.  Of the 16 things Bittman suggests, I thought the salsa with finely chopped celery would be easy and interesting to try.  The salsa definitely takes on a different flavor with the celery, and it’s a nice crunchy change to the texture I’m used to in our salsa.  Scott thinks the Celery Raita looks good too, so I’ll have to try that one next!

Some tips

  • I used 1/3 cup celery to 1/2 cup salsa – and a few pinches of cilantro
  • We use Ortega Thick & Chunky Mild Salsa, one with more cilantro and onions might be a better compliment to the celery
  • To finely dice the celery – I cut each stalk in half horizontally, then made 8 strips (by cutting each half in half lengthwise, and each of these halves in half lengthwise) – then I diced
  • If you’re not into celery, but love mango, check out this salsa/relish recipe – it looks delicious and easy!

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