Squash Away

I mentioned last week how I now love making soups.  Last October, I saw the Barefoot Contessa make a Winter Squash Soup that looked amazing and was sure it would give me a new appreciation for butternut squash – it sure did!  The recipe turned out so well, we have been eating it almost once a week ever since!  Although I’m leery of the produce guy who tells me butternut squash is always in season in Los Angeles, and although we are well into Spring, I am happy to share the recipe as (hopefully) the last of the cold weather appears this week. This soup is a top pick in my book because of the recipe’s simplicity (the most time-intensive part is preparing my mise en place) and the great final product, in spite of using soy creamer instead of cream.

NOTE:  I only make this soup with a food mill and would love to hear how using other food processor/blender type equipment works for this.

Some tips

  • I have the produce guy at the market, cut the squash in half to help prepare it at home later
  • My squash preparation steps are: use a grapefruit spoon to scrape out the seeds, cut each half, in half horizontally, carefully peel skin of each half with a big knife out, then cut into piece
  • I use 1/2 cup Organic Soy Creamer instead of 1 cup cream
  • I use Smart Balance Light instead of butter
  • I brown the onions a little bit, as opposed to leaving them translucent
  • Recipe actually serves 4-6

Winter Squash Soup

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