Adventures in Mushrooms + Micro Greens

I made the best dinner last night – this is how it happened.  In my weekly menu planning, I set out to make a batch of Lentil Soup.  Bought the ingredients, but when it came time to make it, I just wasn’t feeling it.  In comes a unique recipe for Shitake Mushroom & Lentil Asian Tacos.  Between the Shitake mushrooms, de puy lentils (my favorite), miso herb sauce and micro greens – I was incredibly curious to try some new food combinations.  The result did not disappoint.  Scott and I loved the new flavors – the standout definitely being both the Miso Herb Sauce and the Shitakes.  The tacos are a great twist to mushrooms and lentils, made exciting by less common ingredients (for us, at least).  There is no doubt we will be replacing our favorite Lentil Soup, with this, for the warmer months ahead.

Some tips

  • I used white miso (not sure the difference to yellow miso)
  • Instead of coconut oil, I used 1/2 tbsp plus 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • I used a food processor for the sauce, but think a blender would also do
  • Our serving size was 2 tacos per person, with leftover mushroom mixture
  • For avocado, I cut it in half, and lightly cut the half into 8 sections – using 1 section per taco (1/8 avocado per 2 tacos)
  • Serving size for the sauce was 1/2 tbsp per taco

Tacos almost done…

Shitake Mushroom + Lentil Asian Tacos (with Miso Herb Sauce)

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