The Quick Recipe Balance

The best thing I’ve learned in cooking at home, is to be realistic about what I do and don’t have time to cook during the work-week.  I end up striking a balance between quick and time-intensive recipes throughout – all the while being mindful of the flavor and nutrition we’ll get from each meal.  Black bean tacos are our favorite dinner go-to and oatmeal wins out for breakfast.  This week, I discovered a new way to eat oatmeal that I’m loving.  I was inspired by a segment on the Today Show with Giada sharing about her daily routine.  Seeing olive oil added to her oatmeal had me thinking of all the different things I might want to add to mine.  At restaurants, I’ve seen a variety of dried fruits and brown sugar used, but that is too sweet for me in the morning.  Thinking of more savory options, I was curious about pistachios.  I took some (about 5), roughly chopped them with a knife, and voila! – Oatmeal 2.0.  While this is probably my least inventive of recipes showcased here, its simplicity and nutrition is worth featuring.  Not to mention, the gorgeous green color of the pistachios seem like a great way to start the day and go-at-it!  What are your favorite things to add to oatmeal?  to tacos?

Some tips

  • I use Kashi Instant Oatmeal – making it a quick option for days when I eat breakfast at work
  • Not only are pistachios good in oatmeal, I always keep a baggie-full at my desk for a healthy snack (about 15-20 per bag)
  • I’ve yet to try using black beans, from the dried variety, and am sure this will taste great too – total used in taco recipe is 1 cup
  • 4 tsp. of taco seasoning, is about half a package of ready-made seasoning
  • A dash of fresh lime juice on the tacos might also be great – especially for Cinco de Mayo this weekend!

Oatmeal with Crushed Pistachios

(Quick) Tropical Black Bean Tacos

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