Saturday’s French Toast (on Monday)

Growing up, french toast was reserved for special occasions – which probably explains why it has never been a breakfast food I crave.  However, when we have friends over for Shabbat or get Challah for the two of us, looking at the leftover bread on Saturday morning, almost always prompts Scott to say, “You know what would be really good with this?  Some french toast.”  And so, we found what I believe to be The 2nd Best French Toast Recipe (the best being my Dad’s Secret Recipe).  The great thing about Ina’s recipe is its ease and flexibility to either make it for a crowd coming over for brunch or to keep extra slices in the freezer to reheat later.  This also is a rare recipe I do not alter (much) – particularly, because Scott does the actual cooking for this one.

Some tips

  • I suggest altering ingredients based on the fraction of your remaining loaf, since recipe is based on an entire loaf
  • Coating the pieces of bread in a rectangular baking dish seems to be the best way to coat all the pieces evenly
  • For milk, we use Organic Lactose Free Nonfat
  • Instead of butter, we use Smart Balance Light
  • To freeze, I suggest wrapping each cooled piece in parchment paper, then aluminum foil, in a freezer ziploc bag

Challah French Toast

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s French Toast (on Monday)

  1. Leah says:

    Looks really yummy! I think we’ll need to eat FT for dinner this week. 🙂

  2. trialsinfood says:

    This looks great! And thanks for the tips.

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