In The Family

My love for cooking is absolutely rooted in my upbringing.  To this day, our best conversations are around the dinner table and in the kitchen.  Not coincidentally, the younger generation, “the four cousins,” are all great cooks.  (After hearing hilarious stories from our moms and grandparents in the kitchen, how could we not want to cook?!)  My sister comes up with the best recipes on-the-fly, Robin has hosted a Supper Club with her friends for quite some time, and her brother has been experimenting in the kitchen as long as I can remember – his jambalaya was the first I ever tried.  In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, we’re celebrating our moms, whom we love very much, with favorite tidbits we’ve picked up from them, along with others I’ve learned from the women in my husband’s family.  (Don’t worry, we’re not giving away all your secrets).  Stay tuned tomorrow for more kitchen wisdom from friends and their favorite moms.

  • Start planning dinner at breakfast (or the day before) so you have something really good to look forward to (and so you can buy the freshest ingredients for dinner later that day.)
  • Presentation makes the food taste better, and makes your guests/family feel really special.
  • Keep it simple.  Sometimes specialized kitchen equipment is just more to clean.
  • Make notes in the recipe book/on the recipe page right after you eat, to remind yourself what worked, what ingredients you don’t need (or need more of), or what substitutions were made, so you can remember the next time you make it.
  • Chocolate Chip Mandel (bread) is always a good idea.
  • Splurge on unique or organic items when the taste really is better.
  • “When in doubt, throw it out.”  (or just as easy to remember, “When in doubt, order out.”)

First page of my first cookbook, filled with family recipes

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