Lisa’s Mini Banana Cream Pies

I am happy to introduce you to a longtime and dear friend of mine, Lisa.  Of the many things we bond over, good food and cooking are definitely two of them.  She is a gourmet chef at heart and continues to inspire me to think outside the box – in fact, I didn’t know what a creme brulee torch looked like until we lived together.  Today, she is teaching us how to make her Low fat Mini Banana Cream Pies.  I cannot wait to hear how you enjoy when you make at home.  Thank you for sharing a wonderfully delicious recipe with us!

My boyfriend and I have this little routine we’ve gotten into. On my way to the grocery store I ask him if he needs anything and he gives me a list that usually includes ‘2-3 bananas.’ I buy them for him, and then they sit on our kitchen counter until they are too overripe to eat, at which point my boyfriend shrugs and says ‘guess you should make your banana bread’ – which isn’t really ‘mine’ so much as this Cooking Light recipe which I add chocolate chips to.

But, this week, I didn’t have much time to bake, so I channeled my inner Sandra Lee and put together a great Semi-Homemade dessert. I paired the over-ripe bananas with a few simple ingredients – pre-made graham cracker crust, a few chocolate chips, sugar-free vanilla pudding, and cool whip – to make Low-fat /Low-cal Mini Banana Cream Pies.

These ended up being so simple and delicious I just had to share.

A few notes on my process:

  • I used the mini Keebler Ready Crusts for portion control (1 mini pie each, NO seconds!) but a big crust would work too
  • I gave my crusts a chocolate bottom by pouring a tiny bit of melted chocolate into each and spreading it around. I did this more for my boyfriend (a chocoholic) than b/c the pies needed it, so feel free to skip this step if you want an even healthier dessert.
  • I used sugar-free Jello pudding paired with nonfat milk to cut calories/fat as well as non fat whipped topping and my boyfriend didn’t notice the difference.
  • I used vanilla pudding (instead of banana) b/c once I assembled the pies I let them sit in the fridge for a few hours the banana flavor spreads into the pudding, giving you a rich banana taste. If however, you don’t have time to let them sit, you may want to try banana flavored pudding.
  • Finally, you can use as much or as little whipped topping on each pie. Using the spray kind is easiest. But, if I buy it in the tub, I like to make my own temporary pastry bag using a Ziploc. I spoon the whipped topping into a Ziploc and then cut off one of the bottom corners of the bag. I can then squeeze the whipped cream into a pretty dollop (or pattern) on top of the pie.

Pie Bottoms

Lisa’s (Low Fat) Mini Banana Cream Pies
(click picture for recipe)

One thought on “Lisa’s Mini Banana Cream Pies

  1. 31lemons says:

    These look AMAZING! And they’re healthy?! Can’t get any better than that! Love the homemade pastry bag idea…

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