Meatless Monday + Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata is pretty much my favorite chicken dish.  It’s the first real recipe I learned how to make (after I turned 21, since it uses wine) and the one I go-to for special occasions.  My mom’s version will always be my favorite, but since I don’t cook meat or chicken at home anymore, when I saw this recipe for Chickpea Piccata, I knew I had to try it.  Since Scott and I love most things with chickpeas (a.ka. the good ol’ garbanzo), I thought it would certainly be an easy sell for a weeknight dinner.  I admit telling him “Chickpea Piccata” was on the menu, definitely didn’t get a lot of excitement – but, once I started making the sauce for this, that all changed.  The aroma of the ingredients cooking together is amazing, not to mention the recipe was easy and quick to make.  While not as rich and comforting as Chicken Piccata, the flavors are all there – and is quite filling, without being too heavy.  I enjoyed not having to clean any chicken, and this version costs a lot less to make (with Kosher chicken).  If you’re still not sold, that’s okay, I also think the sauce would taste awesome over grilled fish.

Some notes

  • For vegetable broth, I prefer ones with out tomato or tomato paste in the ingredients.  I like No-Chicken Broth.  For some reason, I think cooking with tomato-based vegetable broths make the food taste bitter.  Since the No-Chicken broth is not low-sodium, you can dilute with water, if desired.
  • The arugula really finishes off the flavors, and probably could have used more (we ran out).  The first time we tried this, we served it over brown rice, with no arugula and it was so-so.  We liked it much better with no-yolk noodles and arugula.  My favorite noodles are Pennsylvania Dutch Yolk-Free.
  • For Panko, I used Ian’s Whole Wheat because I already had them in the house, and I think any unseasoned kind will do.

Chickpea Piccata

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