A Little Bit + Not Quite

I made a fun breakfast for us last weekend, that was pretty good, but not good enough to share the recipe yet.  It was a little bit Huevos Rancheros, a little bit Caponata, and a little bit tostada – a lot going on – and I’m still not sure they all go together.  Scott however, kept saying it was “an Italian twist on Huevos Rancheros” — I, however, think that was being incredibly generous.  The idea started off well – I used PAM to coat the tortilla and broiled it to get crispy.  The tomato mixture started with garlic and artichoke hearts, but then I added olives and that killed it before the sauce even had a chance.  Then, we realized we ran out of eggs, and had 1 egg + 2 egg whites for the two of us.  We made do and topped it off with some avocado and parsley.  This is not our finest joint breakfast venture, but it was edible, so that’s good, right?

The Little Bit of Everything Breakfast

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