Goldberg’s Famous

As a Southern California native, the beaches on the east coast have long been of fascination to me.  On our trip last week (aka “our second honeymoon”), we set most of our days to explore the Hamptons.  The area is the perfect combination of country and beach.  Were we to live in NYC, heading out east (often) to these beaches, would be a given.  Not only were the Hamptons beautiful, the food was wonderful.  Today, I’m starting with the bagels.  You might think, “it’s New York, how could a bagel stand out – they’re all good!” — no, no, my friend.  Surprisingly, we had one of the worst bagels in the city (location not to be mentioned), which made it very clear what the best bagel was – Goldberg’s Famous.  We hit up two locations – one in Southampton, the other in East Hampton.  Both were delicious.  The ambiance in the East Hampton location is definitely better, but the bagels are great at both.  The staff is friendly, and upon walking in, we immediately felt like locals.  We ordered our usual to share- a whole wheat bagel, scooped, with two slices of Swiss cheese – not melted.  Like I said, BEST bagel.  The bagel had a brown color, making it seem true to its “whole wheat” name and had the perfect combination of crusty-but-not-too-hard-outside, and chewy inside.  At home, we bounce between NY Bagel Co. and The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company.  Bagel against bagel, I would say NY Bagel Co. is the most similar to Goldberg’s – with both being a great way to start the day.  Or, you could start the day at Norma’s.  More on that tomorrow.

Whole Wheat Bagel, scooped, with Swiss Cheese (not melted)

Goldberg’s East Hampton

Inside at Goldberg’s

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