Norma’s at the Parker Meridian

I have always been an early-riser, and ever since being in the “breakfast club” with my dad (who is also an early-riser), I have learned to enjoy the quiet of morningtime with nourishing food, to energize me for the day ahead.  That said, arriving to New York last week via Red-Eye was a tad challenging.  This was all redeemed with breakfast at Norma‘s (on a friend’s recommendation).  After we checked-in to the hotel (at 7am!) we headed right over for a breakfast that did not disappoint.  I had my usual egg-white omelet with vegetables, and Scott had the oatmeal – I mean Oatmeal ala Creme Brulee!  While the picture of my eggs doesn’t capture the awesome shredded veggie mixture inside the simply cooked egg whites, Scott’s oatmeal was every bit as amazing as the picture.  It was water-based, with brown sugar and low-fat milk on top to burn for the “brulee,” all topped with sauteed apples and pears.  The restaurant was energetic and the perfect setting to keep us awake.  Between business meetings, friends catching up, and other travelers, there was nothing about this restaurant I didn’t like.  Great service was an added bonus.  We enjoyed watching dishes being served to others, while we waited for our food – adding to the anticipation of our meals, and excitement of finally being on vacation.  Next time you are in New York or Palm Springs, check this place out.  It’ll be a meal you will always remember.

Norma’s Irish Oatmeal Brulee with Apples + Pears

Norma’s Egg White Primavera Omelet

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