Matisse and a Journey in Art + Food

I’ve been going to art museums, that I remember, since I was 9 years old.  One of the benefits to being in Magnet schools throughout my K-12 education were extra field trips – most of them to museums.  Perhaps because the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, is the first one I remember, modern art holds a deep spot in my heart.  I love the million ways it can often be interpreted.  Naturally, when we were in New York, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), was a must-see.  Sure, I’ve been several times before, but seeing artworks at different points in my life is like visiting with an old friend – I  always take something different from the experience, learning a little more about myself.  This trip, Matisse’s The Red Studio made a particularly significant impression.

“I find that all these things…only become what they are to me when I see them together with the color red.”

Did the red in negative space quiet the outside noise of things that interfere with seeing what exists in reality?  Whatever he really meant by this, I feel as though my journey the past months has been just this.  One instance is in practically eliminating meat of all kinds in my diet.  With this, I have learned to enjoy many different combinations of foods that are healthful, satisfying, and fun to make – an overall positive change.  Whatever you take from this painting, perhaps it is also a reminder to see the glass half full – and embracing the discoveries that result from blocking out the negative.

*Disclaimer – My experience in (mostly) eliminating all types of meat is a personal choice.  I was brought up “not to look at other people’s plates” and make it a habit not to judge others’ food decisions.

The Red Studio by Henri Matisse

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