Hot Avocado

Whenever we have leftovers for dinner, I try to fancy-up the meal, since I can get bored eating the same thing multiple nights.  That said, last night we added a lil-something-something to our meal – Hot Avocado Toasts.  I got the idea from a Bon Apetit blurb (via Pinterest) and added some radish slices for color and added flavor.  We loved the final result.  Rubbing the toasted bread with garlic made the toasts spicy, the red pepper flakes added heat, and the creamy avocado and peppery radish balanced it all out.  Next time I make this, I might just have two pieces for dinner with a salad.  Requiring barely any cooking, this is the perfect summer go-to, that won’t heat up your kitchen.

Some notes

  • I used Gelson’s Fresh Whole Grain Bread
  • I toasted the bread dry, on an open panini maker – any grill-type surface or toaster should do
  • Right from the heat so it melts, rub 1/2 garlic clove -cut side down – on bread (this should last for up to 4 pieces of bread, depending on size of garlic)
  • I used 1/8 avocado cubed per bread slice, followed by a pinch of red pepper flakes, followed by a drizzle of 1/4 tsp. good extra virgin olive oil
  • Top each bread with 3-4 thin slices of radish per bread slice

Hot Avocado Toasts

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