Lemon Quinoa

I made a great dinner last night and discovered a new way to prepare quinoa in the process.  While I won’t be posting my recipe for last night’s dinner until next week, I did want to share my recipe for Lemon Quinoa (and some pictures I took along the way).  Oh yah, best thing about the recipe – it takes about 25 minutes to make!

Some notes

  • The quinoa is great on its own, with the lemon zest and fresh lemon juice.  I added in basil and chives (for the recipe I’m posting next week) but think the herbs add another layer to this.
  • Might be great to serve with your favorite vegetables – roasted, steamed, or sauteed.
  • There is no oil in this recipe, so I suggest adding about 1 tsp – 1/2 tbsp. olive oil to whatever vegetables you add in.
  • For something different, try it with orange zest + juice OR lime zest + juice  (the latter might taste great with mango and cilantro).

Lemon Quinoa

Lemon, Basil and Chives

Sneak Peek! Our dinner last night.

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