Recipe Review: Sprouted Kitchen’s Zucchini + Black Bean Enchiladas

Feeling adventurous, we made Roasted Zucchini and Black Bean Enchiladas this weekend.  As someone who’s sensitive to certain types of dairy – I was intrigued this recipe used goat cheese, instead of the traditional fixings.  In fact, I have never liked enchiladas because of all that cheese.  In short, this is another great recipe by Sara Forte at The Sprouted Kitchen.  I made a few modifications with amounts of cheese, zucchini and the types of tortillas – all of which were great.  Scott loved the final product and asked if I could make them year-round – a sure sign the meal was a success!  So, per his request, we’re making these again this week – this time I’m going to try out the Trader Joe’s Enchilada Sauce.

Some notes

  • Normally I add more vegetables, but I’m particular about cooked zucchini – so I used one less than the recipe listed (2 zucchini total)
  • I used 3 oz. goat cheese – 2 oz. for the filling, 1 oz. for crumbling on top.  I probably could have used 1 oz. for the mixture and 1 oz. for the top.  [Quick tip – a small package of goat cheese is 4 oz – I divide in 4 equal parts to equal 1 oz. per division.]
  • I used 8 Mission Carb Balance Fajita Size tortillas, instead of 10 corn tortillas.  Before filling each tortilla, I warmed each in a small nonstick pan – a few seconds on each side.  I didn’t char tortillas on the open flame, as suggested in the recipe.
  • I squeezed 1/2 lime on top of the enchiladas, in the 5 minutes they cooled after baking in the oven.
  • This is an awesome recipe for leftovers.  For dinner, we had 2 enchiladas per person.  For lunch, we each had one and paired it with a salad.  To reheat in the microwave, 1 min 30 sec works great.

Roasted Zucchini

Enchilada Filling


Ready for the Oven

20 minutes later – Enchiladas!

Garnished with Avocado + Cilantro

Digging In!

One thought on “Recipe Review: Sprouted Kitchen’s Zucchini + Black Bean Enchiladas

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