Recipe Review: Tofu + Mushroom Quiche in Almond Meal Rosemary Crust

Made these delicious quiches, from Sara and Hugh Forte’s new cookbook, The Sprouted Kitchen, last weekend – hard to believe they are vegan and gluten-free.  The straightforward steps worked out perfectly for my schedule, as I prepared the filling the night before our brunch and finished the crust and quiche the next morning.  The ingredients were easy to gather – the most unusual for our pantry being the Nutritional Yeast, which I found at Whole Foods (she mentions you can swap it out with Parmesan Cheese, if desired).  Because the recipe yields 4 mini-quiches, I made two batches of the recipe, rather than doubling it.  The result was savory, filling, and a big hit – just like the book stated.  We will definitely be making this again!
Some tips

  • Instead of a yellow onion, I used a sweet onion (my all-time fave)
  • I used olive oil in lieu of coconut oil.  For the crust, I used 3 1/2 tbsp.
  • I found the quiche tins at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Turns out they are the only store that sells them with removable bottoms!
  • After I baked for the max cooking time per the recipe, I put under the broiler for 2 minutes, to brown the tops.
  • To further ease preparations, I measured the almond meal and fresh chopped rosemary the night before (refrigerating only the rosemary).

Sprouted Kitchen Tofu + Mushroom Quiche with Almond Meal Rosemary Crust

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