Vegan Sloppy Joes

Very vaguely, I remember my mom making us Sloppy Joes when we were younger with ground turkey, and not being a huge fan.  Not even sure if she made them, like I said, vague memory!   I do confess though, that vague memory has been standing in the way of fulfilling Scott’s request for Sloppy Joes, over the past few years.  With one slow-cooker recipe under my belt, I decided to use it again and make a lentil version of the Sloppy Joes Scott’s been requesting – it turned out pretty good!  I accidentally cooked it on high for 8 hours, instead of low, so it came out a bit mushy, but still delicious.  This recipe is also admittedly easier to prepare than the Black Bean & Mushroom Chili.  With this recipe, everything gets thrown right into the slow cooker, rather than cook part of the ingredients ahead of time.  I think I’m starting to see the appeal of the slow-cooker.  P.S. If you try this out, let me know how you like it.

Some notes

  • I used 1.5 cups green lentils and 1/2 cup de puy lentils (because we didn’t have enough green lentils).  I actually like the texture this creates, since the de puy hold their shape better (i.e. get less mushy) than the others.  I’d definitely use the same ratio again.
  • I used an orange pepper, since I’m allergic to the green.
  • Instead of cane sugar, I used raw sugar already on hand.  Would also do this again.  Since raw sugar can be a replacement for brown sugar, I am pretty sure this is what sweetened up the mixture nicely.
  • We used OneBun instead of a traditional hamburger bun.
  • We got about 12 servings, although recipes says the yield is 8-10 servings.



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