Veggie Burger Salad Stack

Sprouts market recently opened near us, and in our exploring, we are trying some new-to-us veggieburgers varieties.  We really enjoy the Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle burgers chopped up and put into a salad.  It’s one of the quickest weeknight meals to make  – about 10 minutes in a non-stick pan to cook the patties, and the salad can be assembled in that time.  Just as delicious and quick to prepare is the next brand we tried – Boca Burger Original Vegan (with non-GMO soy).  Because we knew this one tastes more like meat, we decided to make a hamburger like meal out of it – resulting in quite the delicious Veggie Burger Salad Stack (pictured below).  The patty is placed on top of shredded iceberg lettuce.  For the toppings, we put mustard, chopped brown onion, ketchup, pickle relish and some pickle slices.  It’s a fork-and-knife kind of meal and delicious through each bite.  In fact, Scott still has a hard time believing the Boca Burger patty isn’t meat!  What are your favorite ways to enjoy a veggie burger at home?


Veggie Burger Salad Stack

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