Best Roasted Garlic-Rosemary Bread

One of the best parts of living in the same city as my family are spur of the moment meals with my sister.  We’ve had more than I can count in years past, and our most recent meal was one our grandparents would be proud of.  My sister made a delicious pasta sauce and broccolini.  I made salad and this garlic bread.  The meal was so satisfying and of course, other than enjoying the food, the best part was preparing everything together.  I also seem to have inherited my Grandma’s knack for getting carried away with good conversation, because I ended up mincing about 8 extra cloves of garlic.  Oops!  The garlic bread was easy to make, but does take some careful watching when roasting the garlic and rosemary in olive oil (over low heat of course).  We adapted it to cook in the oven, rather than grill – the result was AMAZING, and one we will definitely be making together again.  What’s your favorite garlic bread recipe?

Some notes

  • Our version used 8 cloves garlic (rather than 10)
  • Instead of 2 baguettes, we used 1/2 La Brea bread Sourdough baguette (we agreed the sourdough added an extra something to the bread)
  • We used 2 tbsp olive oil (and drizzled about 2 tsp post-garlic/rosemary on the bread)
  • We used 3 tbsp Earth Balance butter, but may have been able to get away with 2 – 2 1/2 tbsp, because we had leftover.
  • We used 1/2 sprig of rosemary, but we all agreed it could have used the entire one
  • We omitted the parmesan cheese.
  • To mash the roasted garlic, I used a fork and then a knife to break it up.
  • To bake, we preheated the oven to 400 degrees.  We baked for 10 minutes wrapped in foil, and another two minutes with the foil unwrapped on the top so the bread could get crispy.

Roasted Garlic-Rosemary Bread

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