About Carolyn


I love to cook. From playing “restaurant” at my grandparent’s house as a child, with frozen peas, a pot, and a pad of paper  – to all family memories (past & present) revolving around food and someone cooking something great, my love for food runs deep — and experimenting with it comes naturally.  In my kitchen, I love to measure, I love to pick ingredients by colors I think go well together, and I love to share what I make.  I would also eat sushi everyday, were it not for fear of mercury poisoning.

I should note that my love for cooking is also rooted in my passion for good health. I have a MPH (Masters in Public Health) and am curious about all things as they relate to child/adolescent health and family health.


Behind every recipe, is my husband, Scott.  He loves food just as much as me, and my recipes would not be as good without his “official” taste-testing and generous nature to clean up after my experiments.  He loves ice cream, and is always in the mood for Diddy Reese or a Baskin-Robbins Hot Fudge Sundae.