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Nobu Bento Box

We had a lot of great food on our trip to New York a few weeks ago, and the one I keep thinking about is our lunch the day we arrived in Southampton.  While I have still yet to try sushi from Nobu, I can now cross off eating there on my bucket list.  We shared a Bento Box that had tuna sashimi, salad, rice, and teriyaki chicken.  It was the perfect lunch.  The next time you’re in Southampton, check out Nobu at the Capri to get yours.

Nobu Bento Box

Poolside Lunch for 2

Coffee + Grandparents + Jack’s

With Father’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share one of the favorite memories of my grandparents – their morning coffee.  I should back up and mention, they met over coffee.  As the story goes, my Grandma was working at her sister’s restaurant.  Upon my Grandpa ordering his coffee, my Grandmother asked if he wanted any sugar.  At that point, he took her finger, put it in the cup and said, “It’s sweet enough already.”  Whether we were sleeping over at my grandparent’s house, they slept over at our house, or my aunt’s – they never went a morning with out their coffee.  I remember waking up seeing my Grandma reading the paper, the whole house smelling like coffee.  I also remember her saying she didn’t like the taste, but loved the smell.  My parents do not drink coffee, so they always enjoyed some Nescafe at our house – but it was never quite the same aroma as fresh brewed.  And so, as I grew up and entered college – I began a love affair with coffee, similar to my Grandma – the smell over taste.  Well, until lately.  I admit, I have my preferences – particularly because I often order decaf – which tends to be a milder flavor than the regular.  In New York, we had fun checking out some new coffee shops.  What we found was some delicious coffee – that could beat Starbucks or Peets any day.  Our favorite can be found at Jack’s.  We hit up locations in Amagansett and in the city.  While we ordered a variety of drinks over our time there, our favorite was the Iced Decaf with Soy milk.  Probably the best iced coffee we’ve ever had (even next to Dunkin’ Donuts!)  We also tried Coffee Tauk in Montauk, which online reviews tauted as good.  It was, but not like Jack’s.  A graduate school professor once commented on the routine of getting coffee in the morning, as more desirable than the actual coffee – and I couldn’t agree more.  The experience of trying new coffee shops, in a different city, and as a break from our day’s events is incomparable.  A time to regroup and re-energize with some warmth -I can see why my grandparents started every day with a cup (and even switched it for tea later in the day).

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee in Amagansett

Coffee Tauk in Montauk

Norma’s at the Parker Meridian

I have always been an early-riser, and ever since being in the “breakfast club” with my dad (who is also an early-riser), I have learned to enjoy the quiet of morningtime with nourishing food, to energize me for the day ahead.  That said, arriving to New York last week via Red-Eye was a tad challenging.  This was all redeemed with breakfast at Norma‘s (on a friend’s recommendation).  After we checked-in to the hotel (at 7am!) we headed right over for a breakfast that did not disappoint.  I had my usual egg-white omelet with vegetables, and Scott had the oatmeal – I mean Oatmeal ala Creme Brulee!  While the picture of my eggs doesn’t capture the awesome shredded veggie mixture inside the simply cooked egg whites, Scott’s oatmeal was every bit as amazing as the picture.  It was water-based, with brown sugar and low-fat milk on top to burn for the “brulee,” all topped with sauteed apples and pears.  The restaurant was energetic and the perfect setting to keep us awake.  Between business meetings, friends catching up, and other travelers, there was nothing about this restaurant I didn’t like.  Great service was an added bonus.  We enjoyed watching dishes being served to others, while we waited for our food – adding to the anticipation of our meals, and excitement of finally being on vacation.  Next time you are in New York or Palm Springs, check this place out.  It’ll be a meal you will always remember.

Norma’s Irish Oatmeal Brulee with Apples + Pears

Norma’s Egg White Primavera Omelet

Goldberg’s Famous

As a Southern California native, the beaches on the east coast have long been of fascination to me.  On our trip last week (aka “our second honeymoon”), we set most of our days to explore the Hamptons.  The area is the perfect combination of country and beach.  Were we to live in NYC, heading out east (often) to these beaches, would be a given.  Not only were the Hamptons beautiful, the food was wonderful.  Today, I’m starting with the bagels.  You might think, “it’s New York, how could a bagel stand out – they’re all good!” — no, no, my friend.  Surprisingly, we had one of the worst bagels in the city (location not to be mentioned), which made it very clear what the best bagel was – Goldberg’s Famous.  We hit up two locations – one in Southampton, the other in East Hampton.  Both were delicious.  The ambiance in the East Hampton location is definitely better, but the bagels are great at both.  The staff is friendly, and upon walking in, we immediately felt like locals.  We ordered our usual to share- a whole wheat bagel, scooped, with two slices of Swiss cheese – not melted.  Like I said, BEST bagel.  The bagel had a brown color, making it seem true to its “whole wheat” name and had the perfect combination of crusty-but-not-too-hard-outside, and chewy inside.  At home, we bounce between NY Bagel Co. and The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company.  Bagel against bagel, I would say NY Bagel Co. is the most similar to Goldberg’s – with both being a great way to start the day.  Or, you could start the day at Norma’s.  More on that tomorrow.

Whole Wheat Bagel, scooped, with Swiss Cheese (not melted)

Goldberg’s East Hampton

Inside at Goldberg’s

Big Success

No better way to end a week of inspiration, than with this one…


My husband collects baseball cards, I collect quotes. One of my favorites –

“Leap and the net will appear.”

I am at a point in life, where I have been in the midst of many transitions in the past years, and I always think about that as I move from chapter to chapter.  It comforts me to know, there is always a net of support, no matter what.   This week, I’m taking a break from cooking to share some of the nuggets that continue to inspire me.   Enjoy!

June Soul

Hello June!  I’ve been spinning at SoulCycle since February and my playlists are starting to be influenced by the classes.  Not only are they inspiring personally, it is becoming a fun way to find some new songs I can play in the background while I’m cooking (double-score).  Granted, I can’t always remember the songs post-workout.  Enjoy this month’s mix and if you’re curious about SoulCycle, a quote in an articleI read recently that sums up why I really love it-

Sensing my frustration with idly running on the treadmill day after day, last summer a friend invited me to a spin class called Soulcycle. The thought of exercising in a room full of lithe, Lululemon-clad Manhattanites was horrifying — until I learned that, at this particular studio, the lights were kept low and music blared for the whole 45 minutes. The class was more like a dance party than a workout and, without the usual gym-induced dread, I could let loose on the bike. I got hooked on the push-pull of the pedals and on the way I felt after each ride — powerful, confident, capable.

Enjoy the playlist!  What’s on yours this month?

June 2012 Playlist

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Home by Phillip Phillips
Some Nights by Fun.
Each Tear by Mary J. Blige
Love the Way You Lie by Skylar Grey
Bombs Away by B.o.B
Silhouettes by Avicii
Back in Time by Pitbull
It’s Time by Continued Silence
Your Shining Eyes by Biel Ballester Trio